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IUBH Bachelor

Flying Bachelor

Study ´n´ Fly

Since August 2010 Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH offers a dual apprenticeship to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License in connection with a Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management in cooperation with the International University of Applied Sciences.

The “Flying Bachelor” in brief

– Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management and parallel pilot training
– Certificate: Bachelor in Aviation Management and ATPL-License
– unique training profile for an entrance in the air traffic branch
– “Norm-duration-of-study” of Bachelor-study: 6 terms
– Duration of the parallel ATPL-Training: 6 terms + x

Pilot training (PPL/ATPL)

The training to become a private pilot (PPL) and the following ATPL- training is conducted by our Air Alliance Flight Center. Our high-quality training from the PPL to the ATPL is integrated with the Aviation Management program. The practical pilot training takes place on our high-technique airplanes (DA40NG, DA 42, etc.) who are equipped with a “Glascockpit GARMIN 1000”, on our FNPT-flight-simulator and under the guidance of our experienced and competent flight instructors. The PPL- theory occurs four weeks before the winter term starts. The ATPL-theory takes place through the Cat-Distance-Course. Assistance with this is granted through regular meetings with the theory instructor in the location of the International University of Applied Sciences. Before the practical examination by the Luftfahrtbundesamt an 85 hours “present-phase” will be established.

Why the Flying Bachelor?

The dual education system offers certainty and great career opportunities. Graduates of this combination are high-qualified and for companies are very interesting from the economic view. As “Flying bachelor” future pilots acquire precise functional and administrative knowledge and they are qualified for a fantastic career in the air traffic branch with their unique profile.

Requirements for the ATPL-training

For the Pilot training for the Airline Transport Pilot License by the Air Alliance, you have to verify the following: – Medical certificate class 1 (for commercial pilots) – sufficient knowledge in English, Maths, and Physics or “Allgemeine Hochschulreife” – Potential and motivation to enable the Bachelor-study ( 6 terms, 1 internship term, 20-25 SWS) and the ATPL-training (Cat-Distance-Course + 85 theory lessons and 200 h practical flight training)

For more detailed information about the International University of Applied Science and about the Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management


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