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PPL(A) Private Pilot

The PPL(A) Private Pilot License EASA Part-FCL entitles you to fly single-engine, piston-powered, two-seat, and four-seat VFR airplanes for non-commercial, i.e., private use.

The Part-FCL PPL license is issued in accordance with ICAO guidelines, is valid worldwide, and may include ratings for different aircraft classes/types.

The PPL affords you a middle ground. On the one hand, it gives you the possibility to go on weekend gateways and on the other hand it fulfills the foundation you need for an aviation career.

What prerequisites do you have for the PPL training?
Applicants for a PPL (A) must:
  •  According to § Para. 2 LuftVZO applicants must be at least 16 years old at the beginning of the training and 17 years old to obtain the license.

  •  Hold a valid medical certificate class 1 or 2

  •  Prove a reliability check, Zuverlässigkeitsüberprüfung (ZÜP)

  •  Extract from the central register in Flensburg.

  •  Own a BZF during the course of the training, which is acquired in parallel with the flight training.

Theoretical training:

The theoretical part takes place both as an online theory course and in our flight schools as classroom instruction and

comprises a total of 9 subjects:


• Air Law

• Meteorology

• Principles of flight

• Navigation

• Human Performance and Limitations

• Operational Procedures

• Flight Performance and Planning

• Communication

• Aircraft General Knowledge


Practical training

The Practical training includes a minimum of  45 flight hours (block time), out of which at least 10 hours must be flown solo.

Of which at least 5  hours of which need to be cross country flights and one of these cross-country flights needs to have a minimum distance of 270 km(150 NM) containing two full stops Landing at different airports. 


Our fleet consists of a modern Tecnam P2008, Diamond Katana DA20, DA 40 NG, DA 40 TDI, Cessna C 152, C 172.

In principle, it is possible to complete the theoretical and practical training parallel or one after the other (first theory, then practical part).




The training has to be completed with a theoretical and practical examination.

All theory subjects are examined in the “multiple choice” procedure.

At the end of the training, the practical examination (approx. 90 min) takes place with an examiner.





Radio communication training in German or combined in German and English.

45 hours of flight training
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