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High Performance Aeroplane 

Scope of HPA training is to gain a sufficient understanding of high-performance aircraft that can fly at high speeds and at high altitudes, as well as the aircraft systems that are necessary for such operation. Successful completion of the HPA Course is a prerequisite for class and type rating for aircraft that are considered high-performance aircraft. This course is a combination of Distance Learning and ground training with the FI at our ATO.

Theoretical Subjects for HPA:

021 Airframe & Systems

033 Flight Planning

040 Human Performance

050 Meteorology

040 Human Performance

081 Principles of Flight


 Learning Objectives:

  • Airframes & Systems

    • AC Current, Generator, Distribution of AC Current

    • Pressure Cabin (Piston Engines, Turbine & Turbo Props)

    • Engine Performance (Piston & Turbine)

    • Fuel, Mixture Control Turbo Charger & Compressors

    • Oxygen Systems

  • Flight Performance - Multi-Engine (non-EASA C25 / JAR/FAR25 Aircraft)

  • Human Performance & Limitations

    • Basic human physiology

    • Effects of High-Altitude Flights

  • Meteorology – Wind and Weather Phenomena

    • Jet Streams

    • CAT (Clear Air Turbulence)

    • Lee Waves

    • Hazards Weather

  • Basic Radar Technology

    • Ground Radar, Secondary Radar System

  • Aerodynamic – Aircraft

    • Transonic Aerodynamic

    • Mach Nr. /Shock Waves

    • Flutter, Aerodynamic Limitations

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