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Crew Training

Are you an AOC operator and looking for a competent partner to train your flight crews, postholders or ground staff?

Since January 2021, Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH and Air Alliance Express AG & Co. KG have been offering a comprehensive training program for your employees.

The course program will include:

  • Crew resource management (CRM), initial and recurrent,

  • Dangerous Goods (DGR), initial and recurrent,

  • Firefighting,

  • First Aid,

  • Emergency and Safety Equipment (ESET),

  • Security,

  • Sea survival.

In addition to these "essentials", the range is constantly being expanded. Would you like to move someone from the right to the left seat? We offer the appropriate Command Course, tailored to your SOPs. Do you transport passengers? Give your crew the opportunity to acquire all the skills for appropriate and professional handling in a passenger management training course. Or train your OPS in the areas of weather and flight planning and relieve your flight personnel!

If you would like advice or a course specially tailored to your needs, please contact us:

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